A Family Affair 

After an honorable discharge from the United States Air Force, John M. Estep bought his first BMW: a 1976 BMW 2002. At that time, BMW specialists were few and far between, and John found himself traveling between BMW dealerships while gaining every bit of knowledge he could from BMW specialists that were willing to help. It wasn’t long, until John started buying factory manuals and doing his own work. Seeing his passion becoming a profession, John and his father embarked on a business journey in a small shop in the back of their property. E&E was born.

John Estep

After completing the build of his first 2002 into an Alpina replica, the car was consequently totaled in Tennessee. Not dwelling on that misfortune, another one was built and sold to purchase two more 2002s. With a little bit of success and local recognition, John put an add in the Washington Post to offer his services to the public. With the help of a dear friend and patron, John Fowler, E&E was finally taking off the ground and in 1984, and at their very first auto show, Deutsche Marque Concourse, John walked away with the third place overall in his 2002tii.

By 1989, there was no doubt that E&E was becoming a success and a small shop in the back of the house was no longer big enough to be a body shop and a service center. A new location was inevitable and E&E opened a second location in Harrisonburg, VA with emphasis on service and pre-owned vehicle sales, while the original shop maintained it’s focus on restorations.

In 2007, after nearly 30 years in business, for personal and financial reasons, having two locations was no longer practical. After downsizing the operation, by terminating vehicle sales, E&E found their way back to their roots: a shop in the foothills of the George Washington National Forest and devotion for service and restoration of BMWs. John's wife, Elizabeth, joined the business in 2016 after leaving a long career in the legal field.  Elizabeth is E&E's office manager and handles internet sales.

These days, E&E is all about enthusiasm. We spend every working minute of our time delivering the best possible quality, whether it’s basic maintenance or a complete makeover, we let our almost 4 decades of devotion speak for itself. John’s belief in doing what makes him ultimately happy reaches beyond BMWs. He is a Professional Ski Instructor of America, an accomplished skier in the winter, and golfer in the the summer. During the winter months, do not be surprised to see E&E take Fridays off to train the next generation of skiers.