Full restorations is where our passion is. We have completed many full and partial restorations over the years. Bringing classic cars to their former glory and seeing customers’ faces light up at the first site of their old car rejuvenated and enhanced. We cut no corners to fulfill our clients’ every desire. No wonder so many of our restorations are active participants at auto concourse.

In addition to the surface restoration, we also restore or upgrade the mechanical aspects of your classic machine. Some of the most common restoration upgrades are performance suspension, bigger brakes, custom exhaust, and for our 2002 restorations, a 5-speed transmission upgrade.

One of the advantages of having E&E restore your BMW is the fact that E&E has been in business since the majority of the BMWs being restored today were still brand new. We know exactly what everything should look like, and which part goes where for a flawless period-correct restoration every time.



E&E Restorations has expanded to include a quality used BMW parts business.  We specialize in quality rebuilt, restored and used BMW car parts. We are active on several of the enthusiast forums and have provided customers all over the world with vintage BMW parts.

Visit our online store to see some of our parts inventory. New part cars arrive frequently, so if you are looking for a specific item you do not see listed, please contact us. 



John, an ASE Certified Technician, provides the highest quality of work and customer service you will find in the Shenandoah Region. Experience and diligence is what makes us a premier BMW service center.

We are one of the few repair facilities that utilize AutoLand, a factory level diagnostic computer, that allows us to scan your BMW’s many computer systems and modules in order to precisely pin-point any failures and aids us in taking the correct approach to resolving the issue. Precision that you can only get with the right equipment.



E&E Auto body shop in Broadway, VA was the building block of E&E’s success. We have seen thousands of restorations and body repairs come through this shop’s doors. Even when E&E expanded to a new location in Harrisonburg, VA, the body shop operated as an integral part of the E&E operations.

Our facility may be over 40 years old, but so is our experience. From unique tooling, to decades of perfecting our techniques, we provide the first-class service that your vehicle deserves.

We feature:

  • Complete Restoration

  • Color Change

  • Rust Repair

  • Dent Removal

  • Color Matching

  • Severe Collision Repair

  • Professional Detailing Services

  • Onsite Mechanics

Our body shop has decades of experience delivering outstanding work. Contact us today, let us revitalize your machine’s looks and make it a head-turner once again.